Hand Gestures

Il Gesto Delle Mani

"Austere, meditative, inscrutable, fascinating – Hand Gestures is the kind of documentary that is made all too rarely in this age of spoonfed soundbites and burbling talking heads"


                                                                                                           THE GUARDIAN

"This is observational filmmaking at its most fundamental. Hand Gestures lends itself (...) to mystical interpretations. The editing is snappy and every scene demonstrates a crucial part of the process. Director Francesco Clerici (...) is a very efficient filmmaker. This is the strange thrill of the creative process that Hand Gestures seeks to convey, knowing full well that any attempt at explanation would only detract from it."


"It’s remarkable how riveting watching other people work can be: the process is slow, meditative and careful, fascinating in its detail." 


"Mesmerising, revealing and wondrously atmospheric, this is an intimate and defly observed study of the collaborative nature of creativity and craftsmanship that reveals how methods dating from classical antiquity are still used in a Milanese foundry to create bronze sculptures."



"Intoxicating, surprising and restrained"